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There's lots to see and do in Norman. We've created this page to provide some information on what we have to offer.

Private Dining Room

We have a private dining room that holds 40 to 50 comfortably.. The room is decorated with original artwork and has a skylight. The tables are covered with white cotton tablecloths with bud vases of flowers. Please see our page for the east dining room for more information.

We require a minimum of 25 guests in order to reserve the east dining room without incurring a room-fee..   


With groups over 15, we need you to limit the menu to about 3-4 choices. You may want to offer the same thing to all of your guests if you are in a time crunch to get to your destination. Some tour groups need to have a set price for everyone. We would not recommend this if you can get around it. Sometimes not everyone wants a drink or dessert and we might wind up overcharging you. Also, if you choose menu items that are priced differently, we could overcharge your group. However, we can work up a price for you if necessary.

We do not need to know how many of an item you want (i.e. 12 Chicken Salads). We only need to know what items you would like to offer to your guests. We print up a limited menu with your choices on them for your guests to select from. We can place a brief message up at the top if you like such as Norman Welcomes the Kincaid Travel Group. 

With groups of 35 or more, we can provide the driver and tour guide's meals for free. Let us know in advance if you would like this option.


All of our desserts are $5.95 per serving and we can offer a varied selection. Usually we will offer one cake, one chocolate dessert, a fruit dessert and perhaps a cheesecake. Of course if there are any particular desserts that you want offered, just let us know with at least one week's advance notice. If you would like to pick the same two-layer cake for everyone in your group, we can offer it for $3.50. Our most popular cakes are the Lemon Cream Cake and the Chocolate Amaretto Cream Cake, but we have several other options to choose from. Once again, we do need at least a week's advance notice to prepare your cakes for you. Please let us know if you would like to offer dessert to your guests. 


Parking is not a problem whether you come in separate cars or by bus. There is ample parking for several buses in the parking lot directly adjacent to Legend's restaurant.

Restroom Facilities

We have limited restroom facilities. Using larger facilities at a museum or other attraction before arriving at Legend's is encouraged.

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