Rehearsal Dinners

Minimum Requirements

In order to reserve the east dining room, we require that you have at least 25 guests in order to avoid being charged a rental fee for the room.


For groups greater than 15, we need to limit the menu to insure the best service for your party and other guests in the restaurant. When limiting the menu, we suggest that you narrow the choices to three or four items. In order to give your guests a wide variety of choices, we recommend that you choose one pasta dish, one chicken dish and one beef dish. 

The most popular menu choices are 1.) the Petit Filet 2.) the Chicken Medallions with the Lemon Caper Sauce, 3.) the Horseradish Crusted Salmon, and 4.) the Fettucine Alfredo with Shrimp or Chicken. With a large group we suggest that we serve salads to the table, rather than having so many people go through the salad bar. It makes the timing work better and is not as distracting if people are visiting. Our customers generally choose either the garden salad with house dressing or our Caesar salad. If you think that everyone will be standing for a long period of time, we can talk about a small cheese and cracker tray or other appetizers if you are interested.  

We print out a special menu for each place setting with your specified menu items on it. Please let us know if you would like a brief special message placed at the top of the menu. In the past we have used headings like "Rehearsal Dinner Honoring Christie McKinley and Eric Smith" or "Thank you for sharing in our special time".

Liquor Options

We can offer anything from a fully open bar to a cash bar where everyone pays for their own drinks. An option is to limit what is provided to perhaps house wine and domestic beer and having everything else as cash bar. A limited bar is not uncommon for rehearsal dinners. The next day will be a big day and you'll need everyone in top form.

We can offer wine by the bottle, glass or carafe. Our house wine is $19.00 by the carafe and serves about 7-9 glasses. We have Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, and Merlot house wines. All of the wines that we sell by the glass can also be sold by the bottle.

We can do a champagne toast in either a 3-ounce toasting glass or a 7-ounce tulip. Our house champagne is Cook's Brut Champagne and is sold for $16.00 per bottle. One bottle will serve either ten-twelve 3-ounce glasses or five 7-ounce glasses.


All of our desserts are $5.95 per serving and we can offer a varied selection. Usually we will offer one cake, one chocolate dessert, a fruit dessert and perhaps a cheesecake. Of course if there are any particular desserts that you want offered, just let us know with at least one week's advance notice. If you would like to pick the same two-layer cake for everyone in your group, we can offer it for $3.50 per slice. Our most popular cakes are the Lemon Cream Cake and the Chocolate Amaretto Cream Cake, but we have several other options to choose from. Once again, we do need at least a week's advance notice to prepare your cakes for you. Please let us know if you would like to offer dessert to your guests. 


We can do name cards for a fee and a sign in sheet if you would like them. All we need is a list of names for the name cards at least two days in advance.

Every table in our private dining room is covered with a white starched cotton tablecloth and a bud vase of fresh flowers. We can put tablecloths on tables in the main dining room if you like. We can provide balloons for a fee. Feel free to bring in any decorations that you like. We do ask that you not bring confetti or rice. Thank you for considering Legend's for your Rehearsal Dinner!

Audio-Visual Equipment (available for a fee)

  • 40' TV with VCR & DVD
  • LCD Projector & screen
  • Amplification for laptop sound
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