The east dining room is a private room which will give you complete privacy for your event. We can help you with your audio visual equipment and meeting needs. If you need us to provide any supplies or equipment, there may be a small fee.

We can provide breakfast, lunch, and break service.

Minimum Requirements

For the east dining room, if a luncheon or dinner meal is being served, we require that you have a minimum of 25 guests eating a meal in order to reserve the east room without a room rental fee. If your party drops below the minimum requirement, a rental fee will be applied towards your bill. If your event is a reception or meet and greet, we require that you spend at least $300 during the day or $500 during the evening before tax and tip to avoid a room-rental fee.  (Minimums change for the month of December - see December Rules below )

There are some days and times when we do not take reservations in the east dining room. We cannot take a party in the east room on Sundays until after 2:30 PM. Our Sunday Brunch requires the use of this room for extra seating and cannot guarantee that the room will be free for a group until 2:30 PM. We also do not take reservations on some holidays for the east dining room. Please look at our Legend's Times Two page as an alternative if the east room is not available.


For groups larger than fifteen we require that you limit the menu to three or four choices. In order to give your guests a wide variety of choices, we recommend that you choose one pasta dish, one chicken dish and one beef dish. Of course, you can pick anything that you like from the menu. We will also need to discuss the salad that you would like to offer and whether you want any appetizers or alcohol served. We can do appetizers either from our dinner menu or in the case of a cocktail buffet from the catering hors d'Oeuvres menu.  

When an event has a limited menu we print the chosen three or four menu items on a custom menu, a copy of which is placed at each place setting. Please let us know if you would like a brief personalized message placed at the top of the menu.


All of our desserts are $5.95 per serving and we can offer a varied selection. Usually we will offer one cake, one chocolate dessert, a fruit dessert and perhaps a cheesecake. Of course if there are any particular desserts that you want offered, just let us know with at least one week's advance notice. If you would like to pick the same two-layer cake for everyone in your group, we can offer it for $3.50. Our most popular cakes are the Lemon Cream Cake and the Chocolate Amaretto Cream Cake, but we have several other options to choose from. Once again, we do need at least a week's advance notice to prepare your cakes for you. Please let us know if you would like to offer dessert to your guests. 

A/V Equipment Available (some fees apply)

  • LCD projector for laptop ($100 rental)
  • Laptop sound amplification system
  • Screen (2)
  • Standing Podium
  • Flip Chart Easel
  • Dry Erase Board

December Rules

We require a deposit of $100 in order to reserve the east room. This deposit will be credited towards your bill on the day of your event. However, if you do not meet the minimum guest requirement or cancel your event before November 1st, the deposit will not be refunded.  During December we require that you have 25 guests to hold the room except on Friday and Saturday nights when we require that you have at least 35 guests. In December for receptions, meetings or meet and greets we require that you spend $400 during the day or $700 during the evening to avoid a rental fee.

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