Large Party Options

If you have a large group, we have three options for you to choose from: our East Dining Room (located in the Legend's Restaurant building), Legend's Times Two (a separate building west of the Legend's Restaurant building), and off-site catering. Which option is right for you will depend on your group size, budget and special needs. 

1.) Legend's Restaurant 1313 West Lindsey

  • East Dining Room which seats 48 comfortably.
  • There is no rental fee; however, we do have minimum guest and spending requirements which depend on the time and day of your event.
  • Other areas of the restaurant are available for groups of 30 and under.
  • There are some limitations on use of the East Room for Sunday parties and December parties. There may be a fee charged if your numbers drop below required minimums.
  • During December, we require a $100 deposit to reserve the East Dining Room. This deposit will be applied toward your bill provided that you meet required minimums and that you don't cancel after November 1.

2.) Legend's Times Two 1333 West Lindsey

  • Seats 80 comfortably. Please call for advice about stand up receptions.
  • Rent = $300.00 which must be paid in advance and doubles as a deposit that is non-refundable to reserve the date (This includes the building, tables, chairs, linens and china)
  • Minimum purchase (in addition to rent).
    • Lunch = $500.00
    • Weeknight Dinner = $1,000.00
    • Weekend Dinner = $1,500.00
    • Saturday or Sunday Afternoon Reception = $800.00
  • Please call Rebecca Sparks or Jen McCasland for more information or to reserve a date.  (405) 329-8888

3.) Catering (outside our two facilities)

  • We are a full service catering operation offering a variety of different types of service: Hors d'oeuvres/Cocktail Parties, Sit Down Meals, Buffets, Lunch Party Trays
  • Our waiters are trained to handle all aspects of catering, setup, teardown, cleanup, bartending and total customer and guest service. Our hourly rate begins from the time the waiters arrive at the restaurant to pick up party orders to the time of unloading at the restaurant after the event.
  • References and photos are available upon request
  • Wedding Cakes available - photos available.

If you are trying to decide between having your group in the East Dining Room or the Legend's Times Two facility here are a few factors that might help with your decision:

  • If you want to bring in a band or have a dance floor, it would probably be a better idea to have the largest available space, which is Legend's Times Two. 
  • In the East Dining Room we can offer a choice of three to four entrees for a served sit-down meal. However, at Legends Times Two it's necessary that everyone be served the same entree or combination plate if there is to be a served meal.
  • If you want to do a buffet, the larger space of Legend's Times Two would probably be better depending on your number of guests.  
  • If you need round tables, you will need the Legend's Times Two facility because we do not have them in the main restaurant.

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